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The Ultimate Personal Video Database

You have landed on the wiki for PVD video catalogue software.

!NB:This site is now defunct. Please visit PVD site.

Personal Video Database can catalog your movie collection fast and easy. Thought-out user interface and different database management function make it easy to create and manage big movie databases. Powerful filtering, grouping and sorting help you find movies very fast.

The program is expandable with plugins. There are already plenty of plugins included with the installation that can help you retrieve movie information from different internet movie databases or other database formats.

Best of all - It's free of charge, so you can use it without any restrictions.

Other important features of Personal Video Database include Loan management, full Unicode support and many more.
Runs under: Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and also can be installed on portable drives!

Became interested? Feel free to download (external link) the program and check it out.
PVD was written by Nostra and is free for your personal use!
Find out how you can help the project here! (external link)

This site is the wiki for Official PVD Home page. (external link)
It contains basic documentation on features, installing and runnning PVD.

Please visit the PVD Home page (external link) for up to date information and to join the forums.



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